Department & Faculty


Dept. of English Dept. of Management Studies
Dept. of Computer Application Dept. of Commerce


No. Name Designation Qualification
1. Dr.Lakshmi Principal MBA.Phd
1. Rachael Savina Goveas Asst.Professor MA English ,NET in English,M.Ed, NET in Education,MSc.Psychology
2. Rajula Nambiar.C Asst.Professor MA English,B.Ed
3. Hridya.R Asst.Professor MA English ,NET,BEd,SET
4. Anju p Asst.Professor MA English,B.Ed
5. Anjana.KK Asst.Professor MA English
6. Rubiya Salman Asst.Professor MA English
1. Shaju.R.M Asst.Professor MA Malayalam,NET,B.Ed
2. Sneha Padmanabhan M A Asst.Professor MA Malayalam,NET,B.Ed,SET
1. Bindu.C Asst.Professor MA Hindi,MPhil
2. Renitha. K Asst.Professor MA Hindi,BEd,SET
1. Akhila.K Asst.Professor Msc Mathematics
2. Sarika.P Asst.Professor Msc Mathematics,BEd
1. Praveena. K ( HOD ) Asst.Professor MCom,NET
3. Divya. C Asst.Professor MCom
4. Anusha Joshy Asst.Professor MCom
5. Subhash.M Asst.Professor MCom, B.Ed, SET
6. Rashi Chandra K P Asst.Professor Mcom
7. Sravan. T Asst.Professor MCom, NET
8. Anju V V Asst.Professor Mcom,NET
9. Amaya. K Asst.Professor MCom,BEd,SET
Management Studies
1. Gireeshan K K ( HOD ) Asst.Professor MBA ,MPhil
2. Dhanya KrIshnan Asst.Professor MBA
3. Nigi.T Asst.Professor MBA
Computer Application
1. Anusree.I.P (HOD) Asst.Professor MCA
2. Shyamily.P.V Asst.Professor MTech
3. Mahija.K.P Asst.Professor Msc Computer Science
4. Neethu.P.V Lab in charge BTech